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Culture and traditions

Crimean traditions and culture belong to the national heritage and represent a variety of nations and eventful history of the Crimean Region. The historical roots of many folks and nations crossed at the Crimean peninsula and left their traces in Crimean culture. The territory of Crimea was inhabited by the tribes of Cimmerians and Scythians. In the 6th century AD first Greek colonies appeared here. The peninsula was also revenged by Huns and other nomads later on. In the 13th century Tatars, Turks and Genoeses settled in Crimea. During a large period of time a huge interesting and rich world cultural heritage has been forming here. The variety of ethnical groups reflected in the political, economical and cultural life of Crimea; it played an important role in the development of today’s traditions and customs, influenced religion, architecture and music.

Nowadays, there are about 30 cultural communities that work in Crimea. National palette amounts nearly 70 ethnical groups. There are Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Bulgarian, Tatar, Czech, Greek, Armenian and other cultural communities among them. Many of them preserved their traditional culture and popularize it actively. «OmegaCrimea» tour operator will organize for you meetings and parties in ethnical style with traditional dinner. Some traditions and cultural elements of Crimean nations influenced each other and it leaded to the development of regional features that could be still seen in Crimea. Among people living in Crimea there are the Bulgarians, the Germans, the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Byelorussians, the Jews, the Tatars, the Czechs, the Poles, the Assyrians, the Estonians, the French and the Italians. In Crimea dominate the Russians (58%), the Ukrainians (24%), and the Tatars (12%). Most of Russians Ukrainians and Greeks are Christians, Crimean Tatars are Muslims. There are also Jews, Catholics and Protestants. The main language of communication in Crimea is Russian. Even though many folks in Crimea have their own mentality and culture they live in peace and prosperity, keeping and supplementing the cultural heritage.

To study the ethnography and culture of Crimea we organize fascinating excursions to Crimean Kenasas, Majak Church, Juma Jammi Mosque in Yevpatoriya. Visiting different Crimean sights, you will notice, that the combination of different customs and traditions brought a specific flavor to different areas of life of this region. The unique discovery of Crimean history and culture will fill your vacation with unforgettable impressions.