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Alushta is a sea resort that combines the Black Sea expanses, high rocky mountains, south flora, wonderful beaches and plenty of sunny days. This is a unique quintessence for bright and comfortable vacation.

The name of Alushta city comes from the name of the Greek fortress «Aluston’ that was built by the order of the Emperor Justinian I in the VI century AD. The ruins of the fortress remained till nowadays. Alushta was in different historical periods seized by Byzantine Empire, Khazarian Empire, Feodoro Princedom and each of these periods leaved its architectural monuments in Alushta.

Hospitable warm climate, picturesque landscapes and wonderful sights, sand beaches as well as historical and nature monuments give the guests of the city an unforgettable vacation in Alushta.

Alushta is often called «The Valley of Winds» because of its unique geographical position. The mountains circle the city and the mountain passes (Angarskiy and Kibit-Bogazskiy) serve as ventilator windows for cocktail of pure mountain air, pine tree smell and sea salts that influence positively vacation in Alushta.

In the East there is a Chatyrdag Mountain, an attractive mountain giant with the odd marquee form. On the low plateau of this mountain mass hide the unearthly Nature masterpieces, the Marble Cave and Amine-Bair-Hasar Cave (Mammoth Cave) that are among the most beautiful caves on Earth. It is hard to imagine vacation in Alushta without visiting a legendary «fuming» Dimergy Mountain. Its color is always changing and looks like all colors of rainbow are on its hills. The rocks remind either the face of Catherine II or the face of poor girl Maria from an old legend. The south — western cliffs of Dimergy are guarded by mysterious warriors from a fairy tale, the rocky figures of the «Valley of Ghosts».

One of the Alushta’s most famous sights is the picturesque waterfall with the sonorous name Jur-Jur. It is situated in the beautiful Ulu-Uzen Gorge.

To the south — west of Alushta at the foot of the Babugan Mountain begins a unique Crimean nature park with rare species of plants and animals, heeling water springs and trout farms.

Being in Alushta you should also visit one of the city sacred places, the lighthouse church of Virgin Mary Shroud in Malorechenskoe Village. The church was opened on the 18th of June in 2006. It stands 54 meters above the sea level.

You would be also surprised pleasantly by the aqua park «Mindalnaya Roscha». The combination of tourist industry achievements and natural beauty of Professorskiy Ugolok would give you the amazing feelings and fill your vacation in Alushta with bright impressions.

«Omega Crimea» tour operator will help you with accommodation and excursion arrangements round the tourists’ sights of Alushta, one of the most beautiful Crimean sea shore cities.