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Precisely in such places of Crimea as Bahchisaray Valley, people feel wholesome connection with nature and a new lease of life. «OmegaCrimea» tour operator invites you to spend your vacation and to visit all tourist attractions in Bahchisaray.

Bahchisaray was founded in the 15th century by the Persian Khan. From Tatar this name means «the Palace of Gardens». In Medieval times Bahchisaray was the capital of Persian state, and there was a residence of Khan Hadjy Herey. Khans Palace exists till nowadays and is not only a great Bahchisaray historical sight but also an interesting architectural masterpiece and cultural monument.

Not far from Bahchisaray there is a medieval town Chufut Kale. Its natural arrangement and construction are amazingly beautiful. It seems that all the buildings and fortresses are fastened to the inaccessible plumb rock. In this valley near Chufut Kale in one of the rocks is situated the ancient cut off monastery — Assumption Christian Monastery. This is a sacral place for all Crimean Christians.

Near Bahchisaray there is one of the largest cave cities Mangup Kale. Its ruins remained on the peak and in the lake at the foot of the mountain. It is known that in ancient times a Tavrian settlement appeared here. In Medieval times there has been quiet a big city Theodoro, which was a capital of the Christian Princedom at the same time.

Near the settlement Krasnyi Mak on the mountain plateau is situated one of the most picturesque cave cities Eski Kermen. This city is represented through 350 in- rock -cut holes. Six of them are cave churches. Only here and in churches of South Mangup Monastery there still remained wall paintings that give knowledge about ancient art. Here in separate limestone rock the temple of «Three horsemen» is made. These are the most interesting sights of Bahchisaray. They are the cultural and historical monuments and you should by all means visit them.

It is impossible to spend vacation in Bahchisaray without visiting Crimean Grand Canyon. Great nature, plumb rocks and icy «bath of youth» of Grand Canyon would certainly impress each tourist. There is also situated a beautiful waterfall «Silver Streams». It looks especially interesting in winter when the snow is all around but the water does not freeze.

Bahchisaray is a wonderful place for vacation. We would be glad to present you this wonderful part of Crimea. You could book excursion on our web-site or by the managers of «OmegaCrimea».