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Yevpatoriya is situated in the northwest part of Crimea. This city belongs to one of ancient towns. Here settled Greeks, Cimmerians, Scythians, Huns, and Polovtsians. In the 5-6th centuries here appeared a Greek colony called Karkinitida. In the Medieval times the town Gezlyov was founded here. In 1883 it was renamed to Yevpatoriya. Yevpatoriya today is a famous health resort and children’s sanatorium, the most favorite place of vacation for Russians, Ukrainians and Europeans. Yevpatoriya would pass you ideally, if you are going on vacation with children. Here you can find plenty of different touristic attractions, cultural events and possibility for active vacation. Among excursion routs we would recommend you to visit the great Juma Jammi Mosque, St. Nicholas Church, the center of space communication in Zaozernoye. Not very far from Yevpatoriya a famous music festival «Kazantip» takes place. It is held in Popovka in August.

Working Karaite Kenasas, that are situated in Yevpatoriya could be seen only here. The Karaites are the issue of Turk tribes and indigenous Crimean population. This is a unique and small nation, there is about 2000 of them in the world. Half of them live in Ukraine. A few years ago the Great Cathedral Kenasa started working after reconstruction. This is not only the national church of Karaite but also a unique touristic attraction in Yevpatoriya.

The fans of water entertainment could relax in the biggest aqua park in Crimea. It is situated 9 kilometers far from Yevpatoriya and is called «Banana Republic». It suits perfectly for family vacation with children. On our web-site you could also book a sanatorium voucher to one of the Yevpatoriyan health resorts or renew your health in one of the mud cure clinics in Saki. If you have chosen Yevpatoriya for your vacation, you should think about your accommodation in one of the resorts. You could select a suitable accommodation on our website or by phone call to our company manager in «OmegaCrimea». We are glad to present you this amazing sea resort in the west of Crimea and to create a wonderful Yevpatoriya vacation programme for you.