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Yalta is situated at the southeastern shore of Crimea in the slope of the Main Ridge of the Crimean Mountains. This is the favorable place for recreation and vacation that was occupied by people in ancient times. In the first century AD the ancient Tavrian settlements appeared here. Later the Greek settlement Yalita was founded in this place. In Medieval times Byzantians, who lived on this territory gave the town a new name Kallaite. In 1837 Yalta, chief town of a uyezd appeared here and quickly began to develop as a resort.

Yalta today is the favorite place for many citizens and visitors of Crimea to spend their vacation. It is a famous health resort with healing air and accurate pebbles. Pure air, picturesque mountains and sea shore, agreeable atmosphere of the hospitable town are only the part of those things that vacation in Yalta could offer. In the suburbs of Yalta there are numerous interesting sights. Many of them are worth attention of each tourist. If during your vacation in Yalta the weather suddenly turns cloudy, you could without any doubts make a fascinating trip to Uchan-Su and Ai-Petri or an excursion tour to Massandra Palace, Nicetas Botanic Garden, Livadia Palace or visit famous Massandra wine cellars. Contacting the manager of «OmegaCrimea» tour operator you could get full information about organized excursions to these and other touristic attractions near Yalta during your vacation.

Nicetas Botanic Garden could offer a wide collection of rare species of trees and plants from all over the world. There is also a unique collection of cactuses there. In November the most beautiful exhibition of chrysanthemums takes place in the garden and could bring an unforgettable esthetic satisfaction to all the tourists who come to Yalta in «velvet season».

Many people have already heard about the beauty of the Crimean Mountains long before they came on vacation to Yalta. Nevertheless, personal impressions of Ai-Petri plateau explorers surpass all expectations. You could travel to the peak with the ropeway, enjoying panoramic sights and experience an unforgettable sensation of flight. An amazing view on Yalta opens up from mountain peaks. On the plateau you could visit wonderful caves, for example Trehglazka, Mishornaya, Ledyanaya, ride on horseback and enjoy the purest mountain air.

Accommodation in Yalta is very popular especially in summer time. It could be hard for foreign tourists to find a comfortable accommodation for suitable prices. For this purpose you would certainly need help of «OmegaCrimea» company. We would be ready to assist you to choose the suitable apartment for vacation in Yalta for any term. We work only with reliable hotels so that your vacation would be pleasant and comfortable. Moreover, at request we could choose the programme of excursion tours for you that would make your vacation in Yalta full of unforgettable impressions.