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Sevastopol is situated at the Black Sea shore in the southwest of Crimea. The city was founded in 1783, and has a Greek name that symbolizes greatness and glory. Sevastopol landscape is represented through numerous bays transferring in dales and deep gullies. The climate here is warm and dry, the average temperature is +12оС.

Sevastopol is the beautiful sea port with rich history. You could not only enjoy picturesque landscapes but also visit historical museums and monuments. Being in Sevastopol, walk down the Primorsky Boulevard to the Monument of Sunk Ships and Earl’s Berth, see the famous Nachimov Square. While visiting Kroshickiy Museum of Art in Sevastopol, you would see the original works of Russian and foreign artists.

Sevastopol is attractive with its historical sights and monuments of national value. One of them is the national historic park «The Chersonese», which is represented by two branches in Inkerman and Balaklava. In Inkerman there is a medieval architectural monument Kalamita Fortress, which is situated on the Black River near the Monastic Rock. In the 6th century during the period of Mangup Princedom in the river mouth was built a medieval fortifying — a trade fort of Feodorites. In the 15th century a new defensive fortress of Kalamita was built on its place. At the same time it was seized by Turks and renamed into Inkerman. Kalamita consists of six towers with more than 200 man-made caves inside. In the first tower there is a descent to the cave monastery that was founded in 8th century. The foundation of the monastery is connected with the development of Christianity on the Crimean peninsula. In Balaclava there is a Chembalo Fortress, which was an important Genovese colony in Crimea.

We also recommend you to visit Malahov Barrow, Museum of Heroic Defense, Museum of Red bannered Black Sea Fleet, Aquarium Museum in Sevastopol. By «OmegaCrimea» tour operator you could book the tour of Sevastopol city and its sights. During this fascinating tour you would be imbued with the sense of greatness and glory of this wonderful city.